Top Eight CEO Quotes From Davos

1. “Business strategy and IT strategy are now one and the same.” Meg Whitman,CEO, Hewlett Packard
    “业务战略与IT战略现在是一回事”— 梅格·惠特曼,惠普首席执行官

2. “Speed is the new currency of business.” Marc R. Benioff, CEO of
    “速度是企业新的流通货币”— 马克·贝尼奥夫,Salesforce.com首席执行官

3. “It is not a question of whether we will create human-level AI [artificial intelligence], but when.” Dileep George, Co-Founder and CTO, Vicarious FPC
    “问题不在于我们能不能开发出人类级别的人工智能,而在于何时”— 蒂利普·乔治,Vicarious FPC联合创始人兼首席技术官

4. “These changes are as important as the transition from horse to horsepower.” Mary Barra, CEO of GM
    “这些变革的重要性不亚于从马到马力的转变”— 玛丽·芭拉,通用汽车首席执行官

5. “Companies around the world are wrestling with how to rewire themselves.” Rich Lesser, Global CEO & President, Boston Consulting Group
    “全球企业都在竭力推陈出新”— 李瑞麟,波士顿咨询公司全球首席执行官兼总裁

6. “You have to find alliances with disruptors.” Tom de Swaan, CEO Zurich Insurance Group
    “企业必须与颠覆者结成同盟”— 汤姆·德·斯瓦恩,苏黎世保险集团首席执行官

7. “Embrace the obligation to your workers as much as your shareholders.” Joe Biden, US Vice-President
    “履行你们对员工以及股东的义务”— 乔·拜登,美国副总统

8. “Men still run the world. And I’m not sure it’s going that well.” Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook
    “目前男性仍是世界的主宰,但未来情况可能会发生变化”— 谢乐尔·桑德伯格,Facebook首席运营官